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Castle Hill High School

Support for Students


Support in School

You can also talk  to any member of staff, this includes:

  • your form teacher
  • any other teacher
  • teaching assistants
  • the Pupil Support team
  • any other adult in school

If you want to talk to someone but are a bit unsure about what to do, then you can leave a note in the Concerns Box outside Mrs Hudson's office. This is checked every day and if you report a concern someone will find you to have a chat. 

Or you can email: pupilwellbeing@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 


Local support

If you click on the image below, you will find information, advice and organisations to support you with your mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Trusted Online Support Resources

Trusted resources

Do You Worry About Going to School?

A booklet for young people

LGBT+ support

Stockport LGBT+ Youth Group

Health advice

Chat Health

Use this to message the school nurse for confidential advice about any health issue. Message 07480 635227


Useful apps

The following free apps can be found on app stores:

  • Calm Harm: This app has many functions that help to reduce the urge to self-harm.
  • Catch It: This app helps you understand changes in your mood.
  • Sleepio: This app helps if you struggle to fall asleep at night.
  • Feeling Good: This app has a selection of audio tracks which help you feel better, lift your mood and recover from stress and anxiety.
  • Think Ninja: This app teaches you how to stay in control of your emotions. 
  • Molehill Mountain: This app helps autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety.