Christmas 2018 (30 images)

Some photos taken on Christmas Jumper Day 2018

Year 11 Prom (44 images)

Our summer 2018 leavers enjoyed a brilliant Prom event held at Edgeley Park.

Rewards activities (9 images)

Some of this year's rewards activities

Year 10 Kingswood residential (9 images)

Teamwork was the order of the day on Year 10's residential at Kingswood Activity Centre

6th Form (24 images)

Our sixth form curriculum is built around five learning habits: Resilience, Reasoning, Reflecting, Questioning and Collaborating. Click on the image to see examples of students developing these habits of mind.

School at Work (36 images)

Some photos of students at work.

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions (43 images)

Years 11-13 carried out their expeditions in June 2018

Year 8 Lakeside Residential (28 images)

In July 2018 Year 8 visited Lakeside Outdoor Centre at Winderemere.

Year 8 Animal Adaptations (18 images)

As part of a topic on The Environment Year 8 got up close a personal with some animal visitors.

6th Form First Aid (11 images)

Our 6th Form students took part in a full day's first aid course.

Pupils' Work (70 images)

This gallery contains photos of pupils' work from a range of subjects.