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Keeping Healthy                   

We want of of you to grow up to be happy, healthy adults, but it can sometimes be hard to know how to keep healthy. So here are 10 easy tips to help you keep feeling great, now and throughout your life. These tips have been put together by health professionals and will help you to eat well, move more, feel positive and live longer.


Top Tip 1 

Try to swap sugary snacks and drinks for ones that are lower in sugar. The school tuck shop sells some great low sugar snacks.

Top Tip 2

Try to stick to three regular meals a day rather than snacking throughout the day.

Top Tip 3

Make sure you get your 5 A-Day of fruit and vegetables.

Top Tip 4

Cut back on the fat! That means fewer cakes, biscuits, crisps, buns, doughnuts etc.

Top Tip 5

You should be aiming for 60 Active Minutes a day. This doesn't just have to be sport though. You could get off the bus a few stops early, use the outdoor equipment at break and lunchtime, ride your bike or have a splash around in a local pool.

Top Tip 6

Set a limit on your screen time each day. Two hours maximum would be a great target to set yourself.

Top Tip 7

Washing your hands regularly stops illnesses being spread. It's especially important after going to the toilet and before preparing and eating food.

Top Tip 8

Personal hygiene is important, especially once you hit puberty. Being clean and smelling nice helps you feel good about yourself.

Top Tip 9

Mental health is important too. Being a teenager is hard work (your body is changing, parents and teachers nag at you to do well, you've got exams and friendships can cause problems) and it can get you down. Don't bottle up your feelings, there are lots of adults in school who can help. The lunchtime Wellbeing sessions are a great place to start. 

Top Tip 10

Be a good friend. Having a laugh with friends is a great stress reliever and friends can also support you when you're feeling down. Let your friends know that you value them and arrange to do things together outside school.





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