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Castle Hill High School

Staff List 2022-23

Teaching staff

Name Role Email address
Mrs A. Hudson Headteacher anna.hudson@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr G. Thomas Deputy Headteacher glyn.thomas@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk
Year 7 team
Miss A. Hill 7A, General subjects


Miss D. Beardsell 7B, General subjects


Mr C Hampson 7H, General subjects   callum.hampson@catlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss M Barton 7M, General subjects megan.barton@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs R. Smith 7S, General subjects beckie.smith@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Year 8 team
Mr I. Highley 8H, General subjects ian.highley@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Priestley 8P, Maths lead claire.priestley@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs M. Jena 8J, KS3 Humanities madhusmita.jena@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr T. Wilkinson 8W, General subjects terry.wilkinson@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk  
Year 9 team
Mr M. Drogie 9D, Maths matthew.drogie@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs E. Jones 9J, PE emma.jones@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss M. Labrosse 9L, English maria.labrosse@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Mullen 9M, Art & DT sarah.mullen@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Year 10 team
Mr S. Pilling 10P, English & Drama steven.pilling@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs R. Smolka-Rule 10S, KS4 Humanities with.smolka@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr N. Ullah 10U, Computing lead nurul.ullah@castlehill.stockport.sch.u
Ms S. Young 10Y, Science lead


Year 11 team
Mrs S. Atherton 11A, Exams & Assessment


Mrs H. Brown 11B, General subjects


Mrs E. Davies 11D, English lead  emily.davies@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Phillips 11P, Maths sarice.phillips@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss R. Wheeler 11W, Careers & Lifelong Learning rhian.wheeler@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Years 12 & 13
Mrs J. Jones Head of 6th Form julie.jones@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Brennan 13G, Hair & Beauty katy.brennan@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr J. Walsh 13G, Construction jon.walsh@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs A. Darlington Hub lead alex.darlington@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs B. Kelly Hub beccy.kelly@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss K. Murphy Hub kerry.murphy@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Roselle Hub susie.roselle@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr D. Sutton Hub  dale.sutton@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Teachers without a form
Mrs L. Agnew RE  laura.agnew@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss N. Brady Safeguarding lead natalie.brady@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk
Miss C. Breslin Maths ciara.breselin@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Dean English  natalie.dean@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Ford Science sally.ford@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs L. Gee Hospitality linda.gee@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss E. Glasson Food Tech lead emma.glasson@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr J. Hadley Outdoor Education john.hadley@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mr M. Heath ASDAN michael.heath@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Miss. D. McGuinness DT  debbie.mcguinness@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Nellis SENCO - KS3 ciara.nellis@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 
Ms A. Nicholas SENCO abbie.nicholas@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk
Miss C. Theobald Outreach lead caroline.theobald@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk  
Mr A. Verso Art andrew.verso@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk 

Teaching Assistants and other staff

Staff Role
Teaching  Assistants
Mrs H. Aldous Year 7
Mrs A. Allcock Year 7
Mrs D. Austin Year 10
Mrs A. Bancroft Year 7
Mrs B. Blanshard Year 11
Mr S. Borthwick Year 10
Mrs L. Brooke  Maths 
Mr N. Brooke Year 7
Miss C. Clews Year 9
Mrs S. Cooper Year 11
Miss R. Cowell Year 8
Mrs K. Daley 6th form
Ms A. Dean Currently on maternity leave
Mr C. Donaldson Year 7 & PE
Mrs S. Dowsett Year 7
Mr R. Deveroux Outdoor Ed
Mrs T. Frost Food Technology
Mrs S. Hayward Year 11
Mrs E. Jones Year 7
Mrs C. Limb Year 11
Miss N. Maawiye Currently on maternity leave
Mr D. Morley 6th Form & ICT Technician
Mrs J. Morrey Year 10
Mr M. Mullins Year 10
Miss R. Nangreave Year 7
Mr A. Nixson Year 8
Mrs J. Platt Year 11 & DT
Mrs E. Reding Year 9
Mrs C. Rigby Year 7
Mr P. Rodriguez Year 8
Miss S. Rounthwaite Year 10
Miss. L. Stott Year 8
Mrs J. Swainbank 6th Form
Miss M. Tarmey Year 10
Mrs N. Williamson Year 9
Mrs C. Woodall Medical
Miss J. Woolridge Currently on maternity leave
ASC Team
Mr J. Adie ASC Pastoral manager
Ms. E. Donohue ASC
Mr D. Elms ASC
Mrs J. Fowles ASC
Mrs S. Furniss ASC
Mrs R. Kelly ASC
Mrs A. Lewis ASC
Mrs J. Rounthwaite ASC
Pupil Support Team
Mr J. Adie Pupil Support manager
Mrs L. Breeze Pupil support
Mr D. Howes Pupil support
Mrs R. Sanderson Wellbeing intervention manager
Miss J. Stonier Inclusion manager
Other Support Staff
Mrs A. Bosett-Roberts Librarian
Mrs P. Johnston Family & Multi-Agency Link Officer
Mr P. Sandiford Library Assistant
Office Staff
Mrs D. Davies Admin Assistant
Mrs V. Holt Business Manager
Mrs C. Kavanagh Reviews
Miss G. Longden Reception
Mrs C. McGregor Admin Assistant
Miss A. Obeng Finance Assistant
Mrs Y. Wheeler Timetabling
Site Maintenance
Mr A. Carroll Site Manager 
Sensory Support
Mrs T. Kemp Specialist Teacher of the Deaf 
Mrs J. Hall Specialist TA for the Visually Impaired
Mr A. Lidell Specialist TA for the Visually Impaired
Mrs S. Mangnall Specialist Teacher of the Deaf
Ms C. Nelder Specialist Teacher of the Deaf
Miss C. Tombs Specialist Teacher of the Deaf & Visually Impaired
Miss L. Murray Specialist TA for the Deaf 
Mrs E. Taylor Specialist TA for the Deaf
Mr T. Whitwell Specialist Teacher of Visually Impaired
Kitchen Staff
Mrs J. Nolan Cook 
Young People's Services
Mrs L. Millican   
Integrated Educational / Health Care
Mr J. Allen Physiotherapist 
Mrs S Capel School Nurse
Miss R. Highton SaLT & OT Assistant 
Ms R. Peek Occupational Therapist
Mrs J. Knass Educational Psychologist