Learning support

All students at Castle Hill will experience high quality teaching along with small class sizes, clear differentiation and specialist learning environments. We also offers a wide variety of interventions to aid learning and enhance progress across the curriculum. An overview of all interventions available is given here:

Intervention Summary

Should your child need the support of an intervention you will be informed of why it is needed and the type of intervention being provided. You will also receive a progress review at the end of the intervention to let you know how successful the intervention has been.

Students at Castle Hill also have support form a range of outside agencies. In most cases specialist staff visit school on a regular basis to organise group work and individual consultations. They also train and advise teaching and other staff on matters concerning students at the school. Students access the services through class lessons, small group work and interviews.

Areas covered include:

  • Occupational and physiotherapy
  • Services for young people (post 16 and careers)
  • Speech and language (SaLT)
  • School nurse service
  • Independent travel (Pure innovations)
  • Sensory Support Service
  • Educational psychology

Please contact school or the local authority for more information about these services.