Staff List 2017-18

Teaching Staff

Name Role Email address
Mr J. Law Headteacher 
Mr G. Thomas Deputy Headteacher 
Year 7 team
Mr M. Drogie 7D 
Mr J. Hadley 7H 
Mrs C. Nellis 7N, KS3 SENCO 
Miss C. Theobald                             7T 
Year 8 team
Mrs L Hunt 8H, RE lead 
Mrs C. Priestley 8P, Maths lead 
Miss B. Smith 8S 
Mr T Wilkinson 8W 
Year 9 team
Miss C. Breslin 9B, Maths & PE 
Mrs E. Davies 9D, English 
Mrs E. Jones 9J, PE lead 
Mrs S. Roselle 9R, English 
Mrs N. Dean 9R, English 
Year 10 team
Mrs K. Atherton 10A, Computing lead 
Mrs S. Davenport 10D, Exams 
Mr M. Heath 10H, ASDAN lead 
Mrs R. Smolka 10K, Humanities lead 
Year 11 team
Miss N. Brady 11B, Safeguarding lead 
Miss D. McGuinness 11M, Design Tech lead 
Ms A. Nicholas 11N, SENCO 
Years 12 & 13
Mrs J. Jones Head of 6th Form 
Mr A. Ruddick ASC 
Miss E. Clarke ASC 
Teachers without a form
Mrs K. Brennan Hair & Beauty 
Mrs J. Byrne English lead 
Miss B. Cantrell General subjects 
Mr M. Dale Vocational Studies lead 
Mrs S. Ford Science 
Mrs L. Gee Hospitality 
Miss E. Glasson Food Technology lead 
Miss A. Hill Science & Maths alex.hill@katy.brennan@castlehill.stockport.sch.u
Mrs J. Sheehan RE 
Mr A. Verso Art lead 


Teaching Assistants and other staff

Staff Role Email address
Teaching  Assistants
Ms S. Afzal Year 10 
Mrs A. Bancroft Year 7 
Mrs L. Brooke  Maths 
Mr F. Caballero Year 9 
Mrs S. Cooper Year 11 
Mrs K. Daley Year 8 
Miss S. Davies 6th Form & Behaviour 
Mrs S. Dowsett Year 7 
Mrs T. Frost Food Technology 
Miss A. Hibbert Year 10 
Mrs P. Hibbert 6th Form 
Mr P Manina Art 
Mrs S. McCarthy Year 7 
Mrs J. Morrey Year 8 
Mrs S. Mullen Year 8 
Mr M .Mullins PE 
Mr S. Pilling 6th Form 
Mrs J. Platt Inclusion 
Mrs J. Rao Year 9 
Mr T. Roselle Year 8 
Mrs C. Sellers Year 7 
Mrs J. Simms Year 10 
Miss D. Statham Year 10 
Mr J. Walsh  Year 11 
Miss J. Woolridge Year 9 
ASC Team
Mrs A. Allcock ASC 
Mrs J. Fowles ASC 
Mr A. Scragg ASC 
Behaviour & Inclusion Team
Mr J. Adie Behaviour Manager 
Mr D. Howes Behaviour 
Mrs R. Sanderson Behaviour 
Miss J. Stonier Inclusion Manager 
Miss K. Whigham Behaviour 
Other Support Staff
Miss R. Clark Librarian 
Mr R. Devereux Learning Mentor 
Mrs L. Galvin Timetabling & Reviews 
Mrs P. Johnston Family & Multi-Agency Link Officer 
Miss Y. Wheeler Learning Mentor 
Office Staff
Mrs D. Chew Attendance Officer 
Mrs D. Davies Admin Assistant 
Mrs V. Holt Finance Assistant   
Mrs K. Richardson School secretary 
Mrs C. Statham Business Manager 
Site Maintenance
Mr K. Barrow Site Manager  
Sensory Support
Mrs D. Barron Teacher of the Deaf  
Mrs T. Kemp Teacher of the Deaf  
Mrs C. Tombs Teacher of the Deaf  
Miss E. Butterworth Specialist TA (Hearing Impaired)  
Miss S. Newsome Specialist TA (Hearing Impaired)  
Kitchen Staff
Mrs P. McConnell Cook in charge  
Mrs J. Jackson Kitchen staff  
Mrs E. Reding Kitchen staff  
Mrs N. Thorniley Mid-day assistant  
Young People's Services
Mrs L. Millican    
Integrated Educational / Health Care
Mr J. Allen Physiotherapist  
Miss R. Highton OT Assistant  
Ms H. Mason-Peers School Nurse  
Mrs K. Measom Educational Psychologist  
Ms R. Smith Occupational Therapist  
Ms K. Sullivan Speech & Language Therapist