Welcome to Castle Hill High School

  • Learning for Life
    At Castle Hill High School we have fantastic staff who are committed to improving the life chances of all our students.

    We have high expectations of our students, striving to engage them in the challenge of learning and helping them to become their own teachers.

    Our fundamental focus is to support and raise the attainment and achievement (educationally, emotionally and socially) of all our students.
  • Visible Learning and exploiting the science of how we learn We strive to use innovative and creative ways of applying research on teaching and learning to the classroom situation in order to develop the skills that young people need to make progress and become effective lifelong learners.
    To achieve this our ongoing professional development programme enables staff to develop their expertise in:

    • the language of learning                  • success criteria
    • cognitive skills                                   • mindsets
    • learning intentions
  • Engaging students in the learning process When providing feedback to students our staff encourage them to focus on three key questions:

    1. Where am I going? (learning intentions, targets, clarity, challenge and commitment)
    2. How am I doing? (progress relative to starting point, feedback that moves students forward)
    3. What should my next steps be? (the next most appropriate challenges, teaching students to have their own answers to this question)
  • What is visible teaching & learning? ‘Visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is the explicit goal, when it is appropriately challenging, when the teacher and student both (in their own ways) seek to ascertain whether and to what degree the challenging goal is attained, when there is deliberate practice aimed at mastery of the goal, when there is feedback given and sought, and when there are active, passionate and engaging people (teachers, students, peers) participating in the act of learning. It is teachers seeing learning through the eyes of students, and students seeing teaching as the key to their ongoing learning’

    John Hattie – ‘Visible Learning for Teachers’

Our Mission

To offer an inclusive learning environment that encourages pupils to take active control of their learning and behaviour, to embrace challenge and to develop into responsible adults.

Parents say

"Our child has made progress way beyond our expectations at this brilliant school!"

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Ofsted says

"This is an outstanding school." "Outstanding teaching ensures students' exceptionally rapid progress and outstanding achievement.”

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